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Company name

Brands Inc. in April



141-0021, Japan

4-5 on the Osaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo-37 Sankyo Meguro Bldg. 3F

Tel.03-5434-8781 FAX.050-3730-9268



1/1997 (founded 1995) 0/1997



3 million yen



Sumio Sakurai (Managing Director)



6 persons (4/1/2016)

Description of business

Advertising planning & production, market research, sales promotion activity planning, printing, display,

Planning's Internet home page, VTR, production, event planning and management,

Business communication support, motivation counce ring seminars, Internet mail-order (in curry house)


External distributor staff

Writer 20

Director 5

Designer 5

Photographers 20



Our corporate philosophy
To contribute to the establishment of meaningful to live people by HEARTO's embodies, and to support the activation of the corporate and social society.
Brand value
Press the heart is.
Our goal is, it'll push people's minds a little bit.

I suddenly realized, thinking and action.

Able to bring you such opportunity

It is a value created by the brand in April.

It could call heart direction and heart operation system.Little chance even rocking people's hearts, which can.Impresses with a powerful appeal, not like press any switch, I'll tap and press heart.Awaken desire lurks in the minds of the invites you to the action.This is HEARTO's ideal staring at the essence of the relationship between things in the minimalist approach, seeking results that the aim brand in April.
Management philosophy
Provide valuable work and economic satisfaction, mental stability and stimulus, to contribute to a meaningful life for employees.
Code of conduct
No matter how the person to smile? Don't forget that effort. Atmosphere in the world, voices are hardly heard in the active sense, continue the thoughts toward a better future.
Re-discovery and discovery

Conversion of the conception

Relations with the surrounding

Realizing it as simple as possible.

…… Such a desire was put.

Personal information protection policy

Co., Ltd. in April brands privacy policy

Personal information protection policy (document number 320-101)

Co., Ltd. in April brand (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), is the people's heart to press businesses.Our goal is, it'll push people's minds a little bit.It is a value created by creative discovery brand suddenly noticed the thought, put into action, to bring you such opportunity is "HEARTO's" (heart). The company operates businesses that contribute to the establishment of a society can live meaningful people in this HEARTO's embodies, and to support the activation of the corporate and social. Are dealing with a variety of information including the information collected from our customers in.For this reason personal information is an important asset of the individual, with the employees always have a sense of ownership in the protection of personal information, an appropriate management system should take responsibility and aware.  Hereby declares that protection of personal information, manage to run reliably, by company, established personal information protection policy as follows.

1.Personal information collection, use and provision company, to acquire personal information per, and limit the scope of use of personal information and purpose of collecting, will be handled securely and appropriately (including personal information).Also, we do not disclose or provide to any third party without your consent, unless you provide your personal information is based on laws and regulations, such as that.  Also, determine the company as well as management agreement or memorandum of understanding to outsource the handling of personal information in account brokerage business (in-house planning, production, etc.) and external services that contain personal information.

2. proper management of information we expend to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, personal information loss, destruction, alteration and leakage, etc., as well as against the risk of accidents promptly corrective action taken will continue.

3. unless special reasons on the confirmed case about disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. we had a request for personal information disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. yourself, we will respond promptly.

4. We comply with laws and regulations to comply with the personal information protection laws, Government guidelines and other regulations, Japan industrial standards "personal information protection management systems-requirements" (JIS Q 15001) on strives to protect the personal information and develop a personal information protection management systems compliant and proper operation, owned by.

5. to respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and inquiries against responsible for complaints and consultation and customer care risks. 6. cover implementation of ongoing improvement of our established personal information protection management system (compliance program) for the protection of personal information and continually improve fit the situation changes in the future.

6. to ensure each one of our work is based on the personal information protection policy, our practices concerning personal information protection management system (compliance program), maintenance, do its best to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.

11/2007 1-constant 2/2014 1st Amendment

                                Representative Director and President Sakurai sumio




Personal information protection principles (document number 320-01-01)

Co., Ltd. in April brand (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), to the proper management of personal information and use 10-minute consideration, performs the following activities.

1.Personal information management company is appropriately according to the provisions concerning the protection of personal information, as well as to appoint personnel responsible for managing your personal information. 2.Purposes and our collection ranges from the customers provide personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address if you advance purpose and your inquiries and inform, we will collect your personal information in the proper range. Also outsource the handling of personal information in business has contracted business partners (including the personal information concerning the acquisition of personal information shall be required to achieve the purpose of in-house newsletters and advertising planning and production services in the manuscripts and photos) and external business contained personal information will be handled within the scope of the purpose of use.

3.We use personal information only within the range of consent from the customer, we will use your personal information.

1) personal information that you entered on our website will be used only for the following purposes.

(1) provide for (2) to process your order and manage your payment processing and management

-Payment by credit card of credit investigation

-Delivery of payment at convenience store payment by postal transfer payment table

Payment by bank transfer bank account information

(3) for the delivery of purchased goods and services and manage

(4) for providing goods and services, direct mail and catalogs, etc.

(5) contact us prior to purchase, such as after-sales service after your purchase (receipt, etc.) to

(6) for the return and replacement procedures for and

(7) market research, and other research for 2) outsourced in-house advertising planning & production, etc. in the handling of personal information and the external business

4.Unless there are legitimate reasons, such as if you have consent prohibit our disclosure to a third party, or is required by law, requested personal information to a third party disclosure will not be.

5.Contractually obliged to ensure strict control of personal information as well as level of outsourcing supervision company to accomplish the purpose received consent from the customer, we disclose personal information entrusted to the company, to conduct appropriate supervision.

6.Ensuring information security and continuously improve our disclosure of your personal information, loss, falsification to prevent, and strive to improve information security.

7.Education and educational company for all officers and employees understand the importance of protecting personal information, appropriate handling of personal information of our customers to make education and awareness-raising.

8.On confirming the consent by your disclosure or correction of your personal information, wish you meet our disclosure of personal information, correction, if the customer requests a reasonable period of time and scope will respond.

9.For complaints and inquiries appropriately and promptly respond to such risks responsible for complaints and consultation and customer care.

10. will continuously review and improve our to comply with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, and other regulations and according to the changes in the social environment, personal information protection initiatives continuously review and improve.

2/1/2014 amendment

Representative Director and President Sakurai sumio



* We offer below please contact contact our opinions regarding the handling of personal information, requests, etc.

TEL 03-5434-8781

Personal information protection Office


Hours 10:00-18:00 (on weekends, national holidays, year-end and new year holidays except) Furthermore, if the writing is our personal information secretariat. * We offer below is responsible for complaints and consultation and contact.

-Office is above the desk of opinions regarding the handling of personal information.

-Is responsible for the consultation response is "personal information protection officer".

Co., Ltd. in April brand personal information protection officer Nishinomiya Mitsuhiko