Together we 'Curry & spice exhibition' in a curry house.

In the Museum's exhibition of curry!That's the topic.
This is the ground curry house owners Kanaya.

In the ground Curry House
Come 2016 7/23 (Saturday)-10/16, until (Sunday)
Curry, aroma of spices will be held at the "Museum of shipbuilding" secret "Curry & spice exhibition",
We have to cooperate.

"Curry & spice exhibition" history of spices, features, how to use fun learn the spot to spicy cuisine Curry.
From our past-now for sale to the
We provide packages around the country, various Curry.

Indeed, various kinds of things may
Compare it!

Curry & spices exhibition

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It is a Museum of "fragrance" is unusual.

And he done and Curry.

Looks interesting!


Exhibition-related events for elementary and middle school students will also be held, such as in the
Independent research, including how who?

Curry & spices exhibition
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The Museum of fragrance, Iwata




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