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Supreme Court issued a decision dismissing their appeal judgment do not allow the deletion of information have been determined by Court asked to remove information of company owned restaurants in Hokkaido and the damage at the site of the restaurant food log reviews, coming to the site store.

Damaged, the company dining in Hokkaido over the site of restaurant ratings and feedback can be written as a word of mouth food log is written negative content "food, waited for about 40 minutes in the car" and asked for the deletion of the information store "" Internet-related companies in Tokyo to operate the site.
The Sapporo District Court in 1審 and possibly inadmissible and that you should admit to shop requests, site visitor information is restricted (Shii) arbitrarily, dismissed the appeal.
Stores have appealed, but 2 of the Sapporo High Court also ought to accept even the loss if you manage food and beverage outlets, socially appropriate "word of mouth" at least, rejected.
For this reason, shop wanted to appeal, but Kiyoko presiding judge of Supreme Court Petty Bench 3 Okabe is the decision dismissing the appeal by two days, fixed sentence do not allow the deletion of information.

NHK News 6/2 17:53

(Comments) in the Internet shop, I can understand, but are even maliciously spread the rumors.It does not hold.Would you make an effort to get better using the energy in that comment, but finally a good result.

The ruling's validity.Certain officials should be control information if given the public nature of the Internet, is not.Comments negative or positive comments.Everyone can say the subjective "freely" is the Internet;That's right, merely subjective.


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