American Sea Island cotton and more!

Pictured below, is a little more subtle, but

Silver Pearl paper, finished with silver leaf press.

This is a new product of Sea-Island cotton "American Sea Island cotton" of tags.


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The West Indian Islands from Sea Island cotton Association our request in the

New products of Sea-Island cotton

American, Sea Island cotton

We produce a brochure and tags.



The other day, on the pamphlet of the finest varieties of Sea-Island cotton "V-135" we were reported is part 2.



American Sea Island cotton of cotton


American, Sea Island cotton,

Cultivation began in the South Sea Island region (slightly above the Florida peninsula),

This is a new product of Sea Island cotton.


Abbreviated ASIC (American Sea island Cotton).


With the finest cotton has evolved, the arediscussed lineage of Sea-Island cotton, that is.


Very briefly, and

"MSI"seeds of Sea-Island cotton is grown in the West Indies in the Caribbean

To realize the productivity in the United States,

ASIC's established the modern farming methods.


So the quality is called "phantom cotton" and Sea-Island cotton itself!

For example, the Caribbean Sea Island cotton is "hand-picked"

To increase productivity "ASIC" harvested by machine,

Being produced in modern,

The cost is higher it is!

Pick 3


Is received before the shooting to thread

I'm long fibers, and shiny.


I borrowed the handkerchiefs and t-shirts, but

Light, soft,

Pounding as "classy" and so-.

Super soft border shirts
Super soft border shirts



I tried picking of Sea-Island cotton Sea Island cotton


Dream of Sea Island cotton

I can't get JOHN SMEDLEY (Smedley) is in high school, I brands want to wear once it was.I think I have become older adults now, it becomes barely.


Not who once put on, never forget that feeling.This ultimate cotton, for only now know the real skin slightly, carefully and has been spun.


Products made of Sea-Island cotton are designed with one industry one.Handkerchiefs production is allowed only for blooming Nakanishi.

Blooming Nakanishi Inc.


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