6/19 (Sunday) father's day!

This is the ground curry house owners Kanaya.

6/19 (Sunday) is a father's day!
In Curry houses also have many orders.

In the ground Curry House
"Father's day noshi" of the original design (free!) We offer.

(Specifying the noshi check from above link for father's day.)


By the way, today so far in Curry houses in the us, on father's day gifts for a popular Curry set

"Glow sticking and six local Curry set" (3000 Yen / free shipping)


"Ground Curry House ☆ annual ranking set 2016 ☆" (5000 Yen + shipping)

The overwhelmingly higher popularity of the two sets is!

Available inventory is a set of two;
Who is not yet available for father's day gifts come check out ~!

"6 / 17 PS > father's day 6/19 delivery to (Sunday) is now closed.


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