It is new legendary black pig "pork hang Kirishima mythical pig-based Curry.


This is the local Curry shop in Curry houses kusuhara.

Which are you from?

What are the specialties of the local Curry?

This is the product we deliver from my fabric, Kagoshima.

Its name is “most hang Kirishima mythical pig-based Curry” is.

“The gods from heaven descended on this ground, make Japan country”

Ninigi had a life important one indeed in Japan mythology

God’s descendant advent legend for govern 葦原no中tsu国 to Takachiho and landed.

Born in Kirishima, such spiritual traditions of “Kirishima mythical pig” variety.

Under the higher goal of aiming for a new brand second to none in the pronouns of the Kagoshima Berkshire pork

Black pigs and then blended with Amami Island pork and Red pork, born right after you get the hybrid characteristics of each breed.

Bred out of production, from manufacturing process consistently Kirishima in very high-value products.

Since 2008, taken up in various TV shows, on top of nationwide Retort Pouch Curry

Great response to the those beef curry, at one time will wait for half a year and won.

Is based on highly experienced craftsmen blend vegetables stewed pork bone soup.

Spicy Roux added spice selection is excellent in flavor with a mild taste better,

And go through the throat.

Lean pork main is soft, spread the flavor as you bite

And fat is food just melts in your mouth.

20160613 most hang-based Kirishima myth pork curry dish

(´ー`).。oO (Kagoshima is good)

Purchase of goods from here please!

More than pork pork [pork hang Kirishima mythical pig-based Curry] ¥ 648 (tax included)

And the nature of history is woven products.Its representative.


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