"Now to enjoy 100%" you need

Hello.Sakurai is.

Hello everyone,

“At that time was very much!”

Thought prior to, or do you have that?

I think you are?

I also sometimes reminds me that in such a way.

Originally a nostalgia may be

Recall that bygone

Even chased by a very sad feeling.

Its frequency is maybe more people than may.

As well, the frequency is different

Later remind yourself you may feel and on-time delivery so much fun, and a lot of fun. And.


I think that, or why, they seemed to have fun is gone.

Food it was fun doing that!.
Casual food it was fun doing that!.

And the big difference for yourself first, looking back to the past, and the past, “the situation” is not or.

I look back on the past, cut only the fun part of the past and reminds me of that.

But the fact is that in the past I

I’d of course feels fun,

Surrounded by a variety of other situations, each spreads awareness.

For example if the trip,

Evening 飯ba, what shouldn’t get lost?

What to do next or right now, or that the safety level.

I look back on the past, that does not care.You don’t have to.

You can focus and it was fun to just cut out.

I remember the

Already the experience after finishing safely in the

So, knowing the happy ending.

It is not know success.

So is the experience of the past feel unnecessarily, and fun.

Even if unsuccessful experiences in

We have now led the climb, but there

The objective view.

In may more enjoy the moment when I realized this, I thought.

And, should be able to enjoy the more you time for more fun felt,.


Cut information as possible is important for you to focus on the fun.

Enjoy in its surroundings, creating less of fear.

Parallel a lot of things at the same time, the move to focus on things.

Simply spend the only attention around.

If you’re traveling to move at random, not

Staying here and decided to at least a decided departure time firmly,

In the meantime, enjoy there firmly.

It is true also in the long as well as experience in a short period of time.

That does not, of course, in a long time must be considered various

That’s why changing the firm cut the thinking is important.

Things I don’t like is my sentimental person, but

This is where you want to practice as much as possible.

So much trouble, I want to live happily so.


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