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Hello.Sakurai is.

Hagiwara President continue the ing brand "F-inc" and since more than 15 years ago, every now and then, to work together to have is.



F-inc's website has a

In the corner introducing the work of the company "BRANDing STORY.

4, interview,

We disturb Nakahara Workshop June 1 Saturday, Nakahara-Ku, Kawasaki City, the project company's.


Project, founded in 1920, is a community-based general contractor.

What is marks the 100-year anniversary in the year of the Tokyo Olympics.

It is 100 years.

A good company is the longevity.


In the project's own warehouse and workshop, open to General

Free DIY Nakahara Kobo is offering places to monitor.

Nakahara Studio homepage


Nakahara workshop was launched in 2014;

The concept is of course existed from the beginning, not

F-Inc Mr. priming (lubricant!?) By Ichikawa President project and employees with lead

• 100 years accumulated resources

Added completely new value,

Further has brought potential spread to the entire project's business.


The interview to deliver dialogue project Ichikawa President and F-inc Hagiwara President story.


So write the manuscript from which unfortunately still can't show you m (_ _) m


After the interview, I felt that "humanness" of us President.

Companies such as the object's exists in various parts of Japan

Involved in the community life promotion

Will more and more be livable, Japan, life is fun and I.
Hagiwara, still good, I work (^-^)

The complete article

F-Inc... is it the inform HP.



So, enjoy it.



River City project co., Ltd. Representative Director and President, Koichi

Co., Ltd. effing President Hagiwara bunch history

Coverage document Sakurai sumio

Object co., Ltd.
Object co., Ltd.

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