From this year to "tent for the night"!

Hello.Sakurai is.


Here mountain years, need to stay in line

Has been exclusively using the hut.

From this the tent for the night Let's wonder.
So that's it,

You gotta be finger middle-aged men who narrow hut with hotness

Also increases the number of kg luggage

Why-I'm Zen so I think its better then.

(Think surely I have offended others…)
That's why, considering the tent

Product evaluation is quite high, following your decision!

Turn on the 2 or 3 people.


ALE tent airlines 2

  • Weight main unit + frame + flysheet all together 1,550 g
  • The floor is 210 cm x 130 cm, height 105 cm


Tent for the night and lay beneath the tent groundsheet, sleeping bag and sleeping bag mat, and cooking utensils, ingredients, and also basically requires it.

Weight of the backpack is still over 10 kg.

Heavy cum.


Next let's go even Mt. kumotori.

"Japan Mt. kumotori climbing Mountain record.

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