Rusk goes with wine!m (_ _) m

One from the person in charge of the client company

And thank you for taking the

I received your care.

Touched by your thoughtfulness was nice and trendy.

Gunma's "Gator Festa Harada" in is a Rusk.


In the package, and Rusk goes with wine.


Is that of basil, cheese and tomato is plenty of crowded stage.

Just got back to the Office, immediately will taste.


But I thought my common sense, speaking of Rusk's sweet
Quite why.
Certainly this is so fit in the wine.

Sweet, but rich in tomato and basil pesto,

It is a bruschetta!

Oh-, but the

Indeed Friday, however, let's not from drinking wine in the company because it is not.

Really fit in with the wine or the addition at a later date.

* * *, Thank you very much.m (_ _) m


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