Star of Hokkaido that yo oizumi's supervision, "soup Curry of the day


This is the local Curry shop in Curry houses kusuhara.


It is sudden I often watch a movie on.Go to the cinema.Rent the DVD at home.

Do you see movies recently?


Live-action adaptation is rumored to inflame the anxiety in the streets these days, Ward No. 1.

Hear this word as a fan of my various fiction works, and mixed feelings ensues.


"Live-action" this part is in 2016 at world famous fantastic film festival

Win the quintuple meter (11 / 4 / 2016 when points) then there is a work rather than anyone else.

Japanese film "I am a hero

Oizumi yo's talent is starred.


This is produced by such oizumi said

Check out the introduction of "soup Curry of the day'.


Today's curry soup back
Travelers with a mini recipe


Curry of Hokkaido from Mr. company's authentic Curry is in Sapporo.

This product further by specializing only in the soup without daring ingredients,

Provide second to none specializes in authentic flavor.


That by the way the ingredients are to provide your own styles, so

From that meat and vegetables daily is the "Curry of the day".

Like and I also enjoy as a risotto as rice mix.


Dashi slowly drew vegetable in chicken grabass

To further unleash the appetite and blend many kinds of spices aroma

The original soup made with Basil

No doubt that couldn't stop the hand with a spoon.



(´ー`).。oO (social psychology work of Chef ōizumi.Of course in a good way)


Purchase of goods from here please!

Bistro large fountain & Bell food development team collaboration [soup Curry of the day: ¥ 500 (tax included)

With confidence.Not a pistol.This is a bistro.



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