Mt. kumotori went,

Hello.Sakurai is.
The last time commitment that this year is the tent for the night.

I'm in the

I went the tent for the night.
Where is Mt. kumotori Okutama.

I would go by train from Tokyo,

Shinjuku 6: 46 departure from holiday express "you Tama No. 1 is useful.

From Okutama station

The kamozawa (bass), take left at 8: 35 behind 10 (Tamba line) (34, 38 station).

So this season too many climbers

The bus is zouhatsu further timetable.

I mean anyway.Before thanks to issuing additional flights in summer and it was on a scheduled flight

You could sit down without difficulty.
Extend the riding from Okutama station, get off at the bus stop kamozawa.

Kamozawa bus Tamba go or use the westbound kamozawa.

Oku-Tama Lake went wrong, said at at bus terminal because they are careful.

Well, climbing from kamozawa bus stop

Up to the top


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