Impact immensely!Krishna Okhotsk ryuhyo Curry


This is the local Curry shop in Curry houses kusuhara.


With each passing day increases the heat but inadvertently cold ones by reaching out to tend to season.

Health suffers will continue with the body.

I just cooked food is often looks hot.


This looks cool, introduce the Curry that warm the body.

Its name is "Krishna Okhotsk ryuhyo Curry'.


20160610 Krishna _ Okhotsk ryuhyo Curry table
Shock package


Hokkaido's Sapporo and kitami brick and mortar store "Krishna"

Maksud Alam's Executive Chef at the five-star hotel Taj Coromandel

Have a successful career, Curry of India from top chef is.


Draw a beautiful contrast of azure sea and white sea ice is first saw that Alam said.

It was a superb view of the sea of Okhotsk in winter.


The chef was attracted to the sight to behold.

"Somehow the sea cannot be represented with the Curry?" and thought,

"Okhotsk ryuhyo Curry' here is completed as a result of trial and error.


In the box contains two retort

And each represents the sea of Okhotsk in winter "marine blue Curry"

Two types of ice floes drifting to "white chicken curry".


[Serve beautiful tricks]

First rice on one side of the plate like the one notch, from above white Curry.

At this time, the chicken will divided into another.

And then piled up the marine blue curry rice poured into opposition.

Placing the last chicken floating on the waves of the marine blue Curry

Also see there will spread North in the cool winter.


Looks cool as taste good curry.

In onion-based claims and presence of spices,

Blue Wave wave of flavor and

For the stew to stand out the sweetness of the milk products,

Gentle warmth far from white.

Each has a different flavor yet complements each other,

You can feel the stunning taste of harmony both at the same time the mouth.



(´ー`).。oO (enjoy panoramic view to expand onto the plate)


Purchase of goods from here please!

Famous krsna that presents spectacular [Krishna Okhotsk ryuhyo Currie] ¥ 655 (tax included)

The visual artifacts.To reproduce the great outdoors.



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