Sea-Island cotton of the phantom's did you know?

Sea-Island cotton is generally cotton's extra-long fibers with fiber length of 1.5 times.

Silky luster, and

If applied to the skin is smooth, the finest cotton.






The West Indian Islands from Sea Island cotton Association our request in the

Whats involved in the pamphlet of the finest varieties of Sea-Island cotton "V-135".






The history of Sea-Island cotton

Sea-Island cotton cultivation has spread in the Caribbean West Indies in the late 16th century.

Annual average temperature between 26 and 28 ° C at temperature between day and night,

Total rainfall of 1100 to 1200 mm, total sunshine hours per year more than 3000 hours,

Also 綿木 germination growth period during the rainy season, during flowering season and weather cycles that are

And suitable for cotton cultivation is described.


2/3 of raw cotton in the 18th century, imported to the United Kingdom, and from the British West Indies

In the United Kingdom Royal "cotton products, Sea Island cotton" that tradition is born.

Also at that time, trades at a price of 400 times the United States produced cotton seems to remain.





In Sea-Island cotton is called "legend of cotton" and "V-135"

Also, in good quality Sea-Island cotton

Called the "legendary cotton" is "V-135".



"V-135" due to its quality cultivation is very difficult,

Production was interrupted nearly 50 years ago.


However, the seed is passed secretly

"Dream again" and West Indian passionately by the Islands Sea Island cotton Association

Recently, in the half-century Buri played back.




World premium "ultimate soft"


The long fibres and yarns, creating "stranded" at least.

For flexible yarn, or glossy surfaces, smooth

Has a feature that is very durable.


For the first Sea-Island cotton is high reflectance of fibres,

Silk-like sheen that is important.


Surrounding the hollow fibers is cellulose in wall thickness,

It also has excellent moisture absorption and suited to the climate of Japan.


Last year through a variety of high-quality cotton in the fashion industry

The product has appeared,

They set them apart from the world's finest cotton "V-135".


This is the t-shirt 1 I want to wear.


The V-135 products, various apparel manufacturer further I'm from

It seems the production will be sold.



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