'30 years' what bring people to shop?

Here I'm happy years, Kanagawa, shopping streets, help little company

Suzuki Hiroaki, Lord fo the inviting,

Lecture "30 years to bring what shop?"To participate.


Suzuki has done much for 30 years on the shopping district revitalization in Kanagawa

Mr. Suzuki

Kanagawa Prefecture Commerce Bureau of labor small business division commercial distribution

Belong to a community group,

Working on the shopping district revitalization in Kanagawa Prefecture, in 30 years that is!


Sense of questioning administrative policy grants only in trying to help,

"The wisdom and the network" in the keyword

Has been instrumental in connecting people to people.

Has been appeared in many lectures, TV and radio, such as

It is super and a unique County official's.


Hiroaki Suzuki, Kanagawa Prefecture shopping tackle activation for 30 years
For 30 years, working on the shopping district revitalization of Kanagawa Prefecture Hiroaki Suzuki


This Conference is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Suzuki, as

Four lecture program

Such as social interaction, Suzuki Hiroaki birthday Jazz live

Lots of content.

Kanagawa Prefecture Exchange with Suzuki, shopkeepers, managers, consultants, etc.

There were many people.


Lecture's four programs on the theme "30 years"

The program was started from 2:00 PM

I was 30 minutes late.m (_ _) m

For this reason, unfortunately
First faculty lecture forgot hear story of Yukiko Kimura on 30 years of change to hairdressers beauticians Gonesh was.


I'm sorry.m (_ _) m


Now, lecture and two eyes is President Kengo Hasegawa co., Ltd. may Hall.


By Hasegawa co., Ltd. may Hall President ' brings 30 years of miracles! "
By Hasegawa co., Ltd. may Hall President ' brings 30 years of miracles! "


May-San is a Bento shop in Kawasaki, obsessed with fermented foods.

It is, but rather a Bento shop

Stick to produce tasty and healthy food as a wood shop?.

Kawasaki city image project "fermentation cities know Cape project" to be tackled, such as

"Fermented" is management life is like.


Lecture introduces the mechanisms of fermentation and fermented food variety.

One of them

30, lactic acid bacteria fermented food Pike use analysis (uramaki) is

Of East treasure teahouse in Wakayama Prefecture, Shingu presented frequently on television, is a gem.

Taste is bad yogurt.
Local people it is today with wine.

Or will the hangover prevention and ?


We tasted in Exchange party, but

Intensely not only wine with refreshing acidity, drinker was mouth-watering.


Fermentation products is quite like me!


That explanation was issued as tasting party up to the Pike use oysters and child were slices of fugu (Blowfish) management


Tighten the lecture management jurisdictions was right was

"Person's life also will ferment"

The word was impressive.Whats up!


"Changed the sake if the last 30 years?」

Ebina-Shi brewery ' fountain bridge Brewery Co., Ltd. "Hashiba Yuichi representative is followed by the speaker.

Sake sake rice cultivation from being worked on,

Hashiba President Japan one of the brewery's 六代 eyes

The sake-making was established during the Edo period

Talk has been about what age and how the evolution.


Talk about studied very much, thank you.


By the way, says the fountain bridge brewery

In addition to growing brewing Kura to grow rice in their

The brewery has been brewing as a junmai sake all have strong policy is.


Junmai sake and served up party

And join and sit, even hitting smack!

Of course, I also had all kinds.

Personal is the best, Blue label.

The fountain bridge Brewery Co., Ltd., served their brand in social exchange Hashiba President.


Live jazz, Thailand dance and song!


Suzuki's lecture at the podium.

30 years of work and

Recent themes have been "so much to do?" and "what kind of life are happy?"

And about your own future ' smiling old Club "and you want to make

Was told to gusto.


"More recently, on the train, in the elderly, has been taking a hard look, but I smile of joy.

I'll drink anyway with a smile that said, have fun practicing.


After meeting with such words, live party into the

In a cool uncle.




Kannagi cringes.
Show the song's tsunakawa President of Kawasaki teahouse connected rivers.Tsunakawa President have been exported to Japan produce song are indispensable during the negotiations in a foreign country?
Dear YAA orchestra playing
Dance was first class

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